Denver, Colorado

A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion.

J. Pilates


 The Pilates Studio is proud to be chosen as a Studio Ambassador of Momentum Fest, a celebration of Pilates & Movement! This event is coming to Colorado in June 2018. More details here.
2016 Winner of 5280’s Annual Top of The Town Award
Editor’s Choice for Top Pilates Studio: Read More Here.
Awarded Best Pilates Studio on the Denver A-list: Top 3 in 2017 and Top 5 2016 Read More Here.
Client Testimonials:
In August, I was diagnosed with mild osteoporosis.  I had lost a 1/2 inch in height.  Shortly thereafter, I joined The Pilates Studio, coming once a week (plus doing recommended weight-bearing activity the other days of the week).  At my last check-up in February, I had regained the lost 1/2 inch!  I am so happy and believe that the work I’ve done with the teachers here has contributed to this improvement. ~Paula S.
Personal approach. Real, intelligent and focused approach to fitness that is suitable for almost anyone. Inclusive, affordable and delivered with greedy expertise and wit. It actually has changed my life ~ Cindy C. 
Kim and her team have been so great for me as a new pilates addict. I started back in January and can gladly say pilates is a regular part of my workout now! They are so great and supportive, and I never leave without a fantastic workout!   ~Julie G. 
I’m not a huge fan of working out but have been going to The Pilates Studio for 5 months now and I really like it! The studio is light, bright and clean. The teachers have an amazing ability to motivate me and I can really tell a difference in my strength and posture from when I started. ~Melissa B.
“The Pilates Studio has a fantastic atmosphere and terrific instruction. Every session is a different experience; new moves, new equipment, new challenges. I’m amazed how far I’ve progressed in just a few classes! This is the one type of exercise I look forward to and I owe it to The Pilates Studio!” ~ Kali H.
“I’ve been taking Pilates with Kim for almost five years and it has helped me with overall strength, stress relief and flexibility. The stretching and strengthening of Pilates practice, in particular, have put me in better touch with my body and contributed to my overall health in ways that I didn’t even see coming. It has become a big part of my life and I can’t imagine my week without it.”  ~Kristin S.
“I am so excited to have The Pilates Studio in the neighborhood! Building my fitness regime around the studio is so easy. Pilates has helped me become strong and fit so I can keep-up with the kids, even with a few pre-existing injuries. It’s a great exercise approach and studio for me!”~Joy S.
“Pilates saved my life! I was never a big fan of exercise, until I found Pilates. It challenges the mind and the body, and the results are amazing. A big part of my addiction is my instructor, Kim Kolesar. She’s patient, encouraging, enthusiastic….Kim is so committed to Pilates and her client’s well-being and the best part, IT WON’T BREAK THE BANK! I have been to a lot of studios and this is by far the most affordable.”
~Dawn G.