Denver, Colorado

Develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.

J. Pilates


The Pilates Method is more than a workout. It is a continuum of mindful movements that strengthen from the inside out and head to toe. Pilates focuses around six main principals: Centering, Control, Concentration, Precision, Breath and Flow. Developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, he originally called it Contrology. Eventually, he invented equipment that incorporated spring-loaded resistance to his exercise regimen. These movements and machines are constantly evolving and improving while keeping true to the core elements and philosophies that make the Pilates Method so powerful.

Practiced on a regular basis, Pilates has the power to transform, improve and aide in:

spinal decompression              core strength

posture and alignment            muscle tone      

flexibility                                   breath and endurance

bone and heart health            mental clarity

body awareness                      balance

gait                                          extracurricular activities

At The Pilates Studio, we integrate all of the traditional and modern Pilates equipment into our sessions. The key to a complete Pilates practice is becoming familiar and versatile on any apparatus. We utilize the Reformer, Chair, SpringBoard, Jumpboard, Mat, Small Props, Weights and Balls… making each and every session unique! With a maximum of 7 people in a group, sessions are small & personal allowing the teacher to focus on proper movement mechanics and the safety of each and everybody.