Denver, Colorado

Physical Fitness is the first requisite of happiness.

J. Pilates


At The Pilates Studio, our goal is to make the Pilates Method accessible to all. We strive to cultivate a friendly, community-focused, and positive environment. Our Studio provides a consistent Pilates practice that fits even the busiest schedule. We offer certified and mindful instruction, quality equipment, and unique sessions at affordable prices.

Stay balanced in body, mind & spirit… always.

IMG_9317Kimberly Kolesar, NCPT

owner- wash park/highlands


Kimberly is a member and certified instructor through the Pilates Method Alliance. She was classically trained and comprehensively certified at PH7 Pilates, through the lineages of Romana Kryzanowska and Kathy Grant. A true believer in the power of Pilates, Kimberly has personally felt the benefits of reduced chronic nerve, knee and back pain sustained from structural scoliosis, labral hip tears & years as a competitive dancer. She is a compassionate teacher who will push her clients to achieve their personal best. Kimberly’s teaching style integrates a classical flow with modifications and functional movement patterning. She holds Certifications and CEC’s in numerous specialties including Pilates for Scoliosis and Pre & Post-natal Pilates. She is also a licensed instructor of the medically-endorsed Pilates for Buff Bones® workout program and a 2016 graduate of Master Pilates Instructor, Cara Reeser’s, Kathy Grant Heritage Teacher Training Program. Kimberly constantly deepens her knowledge of movement by attending workshops and seminars to keep informed with the current techniques and philosophies in the industry.

When not in the studio, Kimberly takes time for morning cappuccinos, bike rides on her Schwinn cruiser, laughing with friends, family and enjoying life with her husband Mike & puppy Louise. The Pilates Studio is her labor of love, welcoming all that want to feel good, look good and enjoy the benefits of practicing Pilates for life!

Emily Sharpe, NCPT

owner- highlands


Emily has been practicing Pilates for over 12 years and teaching Pilates for over seven years – four of those years have been with The Pilates Studio! She is a certified Pilates instructor through the Pilates Method Alliance and was comprehensively trained through Balanced Body. Emily brings passion, energy and attention to detail to each session. Her teaching style blends classical and contemporary with emphasis on functional movement. She thrives working one on one with her students and empowering her students to find their strength and confidence in their movement. In addition to Pilates she has been trained in the Balanced Body MOTR and the BODHI Suspension System and has been mentored by many Pilates and movement professionals from around the world. She is also a 2018 graduate of Master Pilates Instructor Cara Reeser’s Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program.

Emily has relocated back to her Denver home after a year and half living in Nashville, TN. When not in the studio Emily’s second home is in the mountains hiking with her husband and friends. She also enjoys taking her Pilates knowledge and principles to other forms of movement including strength training and running.

Amy Kuo, NCPT

studio manager/teacher 

Amy is a certified instructor through the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and was comprehensively trained through Club Pilates. She has been practicing Pilates for over a decade and came to love the positive way it challenged her mind and body. With both her passion to practice Pilates and her desire to help others improve their lives through health and fitness; it was an easy choice to follow the path to become a Pilates instructor. Amy loves seeing how Pilates has helped her students grow mentally and physically. She is constantly working to refine her understanding of anatomy and kinesiology with continuing education workshops and strives to bring playfulness and precision when working with her clients. When not in the studio, Amy enjoys spending time with her fiancée and two American Bulldogs. A foodie at heart, she is always looking for a new restaurant to try or a new recipe to cook.


Jennifer Davis


Jen is a classically trained & comprehensively certified Pilates instructor through ph7 Pilates in Denver, CO. Pilates fell into Jen’s lap while waiting tables in the Denver community, working at local haunts like Devils Food in Wash Park. Inspiration in movement first struck Jen when a restaurant colleague introduced her to her first true love, Iyengar yoga. The opportunity to train with Cher Aslor soon presented itself and Jen never looked back. After 5 years of teaching, the reward still lies most in client satisfaction. Jen’s classes are popular because of her attention to detail, her gift for clear communication, and the ability to safely challenge her students. She is also trained in teaching pre and post natal Pilates and continues to assist in training teachers the Pilates method. Jen stays committed to continuing education in both Pilates and yoga.

unnamedWendy Livingston


Wendy is a classically trained instructor through  Ph7 Pilates in Denver, CO. Wendy started practicing Pilates in 2002 to alleviate back pain and it immediately became a mainstay in her life. Aside from alleviating pain, she also loves the way that the Pilates method keeps her active mind engaged and it’s endless ability to work her core! As an instructor, Wendy is meticulous about form and is always looking for new ways to challenge the body and align the spine. Her ability to see to lines of the body can probably be attributed to her background as an artist. Wendy has a MA in Painting and a BFA in Fine Art/Graphic Design. Her work is exhibited regularly in the Denver area. She has 12 years of teaching experience and a strong interest in contemporary music.

unnamed-2Ashley Babb


Ashley is a classically trained Pilates instructor through Peak Pilates in Denver, CO. As a former dancer and movement therapist, Ashley is passionate about all things movement. Her experience with Pilates is reflected in the Joseph Pilates quote, “Change happens through movement and movement heals.” Ashley began practicing Pilates to alleviate back pain, gain core strength and find peace of mind. She quickly experienced relief from her chronic back pain and realized that Pilates replaced her need for physical therapy exercises. She also experienced the psychological benefits that Pilates offers as well as an increased body awareness. Ashley is a compassionate teacher that strives to meet her clients where they’re at. She is committed to continuing her education in Pilates through workshops and spending time with her mentors. Ashley has a MA in Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling and is currently enjoying spending her time outdoors while living in Colorado. She enjoys hiking, swimming, snowboarding, dancing, reading, spending time with family and friends and all things snow.


Stefny Winter


Stefny is a comprehensively certified Pilates Instructor through Stott Pilates in Denver, CO and an avid practitioner of the method for nearly 15 years! She became passionate about Pilates after dealing with the pain of a two time back injury, breaking her back once in gymnastics as a child & again as an adult during child birth. After trying many physical therapy treatments, she finally found Pilates. Pilates brought her daily pain down to almost nothing and got her back to all the things she loves like snowboarding, yoga, hiking, biking, running & traveling! Stefny strives to give her students the same positive healing experience that she found. She’s passionate about helping others get back into what they love through Pilates and continuing to aide in their journey to healthy strong bodies and minds!

Stacy Weinstein 


Stacy is a certified Pilates Instructor trained through Core Dynamics in Chicago, IL. She fell into her love of Pilates and passion to teach shortly after she herniated a disc in a yoga class when she was improperly adjusted by a yoga instructor. Pilates became part of her physical therapy regimen in 2003 and not only drastically changed the way she felt, which allowed her to pursue her interest in running marathons, and also pushed her into a career change. She opened One Mind Body & Being in Chicago, IL from 2004-2010 and One Pilates Studio in Denver, CO from 2012-2017. When she isn’t teaching you can find Stacy practicing yoga, walking her dogs or running around promoting – be cause – a company dedicated to funding and providing change in animal welfare and rescue. 

Rachel Melancon


Rachel is a classically trained and comprehensively certified Pilates instructor through Peak Pilates. She began taking Pilates to help with alignment issues and pain she was having due to scoliosis. After finding relief from her back pain, she was instantly hooked! As a former elementary school teacher making the switch to instructing Pilates came naturally. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals by finding their mind, body & spirit connection. Rachel is a true believer in the body awareness that Pilates brings to it’s participants and that it really is a movement modality for everybody. She continues to deepen her teaching knowledge, by attending workshops and lectures, most recently focusing on human anatomy and classical Pilates combined with the TRX/Suspension Method. When outside of the studio, Rachel enjoys traveling (mostly to the beach!), visiting family and friends, trying-out new restaurants and seeing all the beautiful sights Colorado has to offer.

Aly DelCueto


Aly is classically and comprehensively trained through Peak Pilates in Austin, TX. She has been practicing Pilates since the age of 13 and loves how this method rehabilitates, challenges, stretches, and strengthens the body. She is also a certified personal trainer through NASM and loves to continue learning about muscle release through the Yamuna body rolling technique. Aly has a BFA in Dance and spent the last 6 years in Los Angeles pursuing life in the commercial dance industry. She loves all things movement and enjoys bringing a lot of creativity and detail to each of her Pilates sessions. When not in the studio, Aly spends her time painting, hiking, doing photography, and being actively involved in her church.

Hannah Higbee


Hannah is a comprehensively certified Pilates instructor through STOTT and Club Pilates. She has been practicing the Pilates method personally for ten years and teaching for five years. Hannah believes & has experienced the healing aspects of Pilates and uses the practice to share the same healing qualities with others. With her Bachelors degree in Dance, she uses Pilates with dance kinesiology to help her dance students rehabilitate from injuries and work on injury prevention strategies to further their dance career. When not teaching Pilates and Dance, she dances for a professional contemporary company in Broomfield, works on her personal wellness business, travels the country with her husband, and spoils her adopted “fur” baby.


studio mascot

Miss Louise is the The Pilates Studio’s friendly furry mascot. She’s not quite old enough to handle all the fun & frolic that goes along with calmly watching Pilates bodies move in the studio :) but, you still may see Miss Louise drop by the front door from time to time. In her free time you’ll catch her taking long walks down Pearl Street, chasing tennis balls, eating peanut butter, loving humans (especially ones with treats) and of course…Pilates!